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Welcome to the George’s Paediatric Intensive Care Training Pages

About training in PIC at St George’s

Paediatric intensive care is a very rich learning environment. In amongst the business of making the sickest children better, its a great place to learn about critical illness in children, and some of the advanced skills required to manage these patients. Wherever you end up working clinically, these skills can come in useful!

There is almost too much to learn in Paediatric Intensive Care. However, we have broken this down into four domains – Airway; Ventilation; Cadiovascular; Neurology and Sedation.

For each, we have devised a stepwise curriculum, with each step being needed for the next. There are two sides – theory and practical for each step. Depending on your background, you may start at the bottom or half way up. And depending on your career intentions, you may not want to get too high up each staircase! The practical side has a suggested logbook of activities you can do to demonstrate your skills.








Neurology and Sedation


Monitor your Progression

Download the PICU step tracker:

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